The Board of Directors (BOD) offers overall leadership and provides policy guidelines to VFC. The Following are the VFC Directors:

Lona Luduro Elia (Secretary General)

Lona Luduro Elia, of the Center for Women Leadership, Juba, is a Peace, Conflict and Gender scholar. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Manchester in UK a Bachelor of Arts from Daystar University, From Day star University in Nairobi (Kenya). She also has a diploma in

Mrs. Josephine Chandiru (Chair)

Oliver Michael

Vice Chairman

Mrs.  Akwero Lily Rose Mariano Treasurer

Hon. Mary Ayen, Secretary

Hon.  Nybol; Member


VFC Secretariat is composed of xx staff that support programmes and administration. They include:

Ms. Lona James Elia  Luduro     Secretary General Mrs. Dorothy Drabuga.  Executive Directors
Mr. Clement Yope Heads of Programms, Yei Mr. Charles Iya Finance Officer
Mr. Daniel Muot, Operation Officer